The Plant Manager's Statement

Margoon Cement Factory was groundbreaking in 1385 and with the operation in 1396, a very important role has been played in creating jobs and preventing the youth to migrate of this region to other cities. By employing 300 people directly and 100 people as contract workers and about 3000 people indirectly in cooperation with Hillal Trabar Company (transportation) the factory has created a social and economic transformation in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces.

The nominal capacity of the factory is 3300 tons of clinker per day and with the efforts of colleagues, the production capacity has reached 3450 tons per day. The mine of this factory with high quality Alluvium soil with low alkalinity and limestone is one of the richest mines in the country that has enabled to produce high quality clinker. On the other hand, by employing specialized and experienced managers and engineers in each unit of this factory is able to compete domestically and internationally.

The machinery and equipment of the factory are made of the best foreign and domestic brands, design of the factory by using the most advanced methods in the world by eliminating the cooling tower to save water consumption has played a major role.

The products of the factory include clinker type 1 and cement type 325, type 1 425, type 1 525 and type 2. Meanwhile, due to the high quality of clinker and cement in accordance with international standards and foreign countries requests, especially the Persian Gulf, a part of clinker and cement produced is exported to these countries, which has played a major role in the province’s export developments.

At present, Margoon Cement Factory by implementing all the intelligent internet system infrastructure or IOT is the first cement factory in the country which by installing smart sensors with wifi connectivity, the fourth industrial revolution in the cement industry is being launched.

Also, monitoring systems are provided for factory managers to access production line data and equipment through the Internet and all control and PLC systems inside and outside the factory can be tracked and monitored. We hope that according to the slogan of the Supreme Leader “removing production barriers and cooperation of respected government officials, we can take stronger steps in setting up other factories and witness a better economic prosperity in the region”.

— Ali Attarzadeh, Plant Manager